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DIY Christmas Wall Hanging Tutorial

DIY Christmas Wall Hanging Tutorial

DIY Christmas Wall Hanging Tutorial

by Brittany Velasquez


Are you still preparing and decorating for Christmas? Looking for a simple wall hanging for your home or front door? Look no further then this non-traditional rustic piece that anyone can put together in just a few minutes.

Step One: Gather all your supplies. You will need a heavy duty clippers, jute, ribbon, wire, Christmas greens of your choice, and a simple tree branch measured to your desired length. For this piece magnolia, nandina, pine, and cedar branches were used. 


Step Two: Measure the length that you want the wooden branch to be, then determine the length of jute or ribbon needed to hang the completed piece.

stick pic.jpg

Step Three: Begin layering your greens. I used magnolia and nandina as my base.


Step Four: Continue adding different layers of greens. There is no right or wrong way to do this. 


Step Five: Once you have reached your desired look, use several loops of wire to bind all the greens together. Once the greens are bound together, use more wire to attach the arrangement to the wooden branch. Wrap the wire around the thickest section of branches. After attaching the arrangement, hang the entire piece in your desired location. At this point you may have to do some experimenting to get the arrangement to lay properly on the branch. If necessary, anchor individual branches to the stick in order to keep everything from tilting forward when hung.


Step Six: After the branches have been wired together, take a length of ribbon and conceal the wire by wrapping the ribbon around both the arrangement and the wooden branch. I used a moss colored grosgrain ribbon and tied a simple bow.


Viola! You are finished! Enjoy your Christmas piece on the front door instead of a traditional wreath, or use inside as a wall hanging. 

Merry Christmas!


Interested in more DIY Christmas tutorials? Be sure to snag the latest copy of the Shelter issue for instructions on how to design a traditional wreath.

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