by Mrs. G

It seems as though machines and marriages have some things in common. They both take some maintenance to keep them running smoothly. There’s the oil – your engine will lock up in a hurry if you neglect this important detail. Relationships can get rather tight if you forget the oil of courtesy- please and thank you and little smiles are good lubricants. They do much to help overcome friction as the gears of daily home life go round and round.

When an owner knows his machine well, he knows what an all-is-well hum sounds like. If he is observant he notices the beginnings of a squeal or a rattle that could signal that a problem is developing. So should it be in marriage. Did you hear your husband sigh? Can you see the sparkle in his eyes or is there weariness instead? Has he had a rough day? Is he feeling discouraged or overwhelmed?

Electric, gas, or diesel? What keeps his machine running? What keeps your man running the race that is set before him? Don’t compare him to your sister’s husband. If you dump gas into your diesel engine you will have trouble. Is the way to your man’s heart through his stomach? Or is it having the toys put away when he gets home at seven o’clock- weary from a long day at work? Does he need a back rub? Or would he rather have a cup of hot tea?

The daily maintenance of communication goes a long way in preventing problems. There will be times that repairs are needed. A heartfelt “I’m sorry” and “You’re forgiven” are tools that fix quite a range of difficulties.

Don’t go too far in comparing your husband to a machine. My husband is worth far more to me than any machine I ever saw or ever will see. If you have enough money you can always buy or build another machine. My husband is irreplaceable. I have a husband who loves me, and I will never find a machine to do that great task.

You can run your machine constantly and neglect its maintenance. Doing so will ruin your machine and cost you something. Maintain your relationship with your husband. Reverence him. Submit. Your children are watching and the consequences are eternal.