Knowing God

Knowing God

by Frank Reed


You can know about God or you can know God. How can you know God? How can you know God’s heart? How can you know the Spirit of God? It is not so complicated.

When you live a Godly life according to the Scripture and the Holy Spirit, you become like God. You become like Him because He is the power to live that life in you. His Spirit controls you and all you think and do. That produces a purity and a confidence that cannot be fabricated.

As an obedient disciple of Jesus Christ, you become more like God as you come to know Him. Life is no longer your own but you are living and walking and talking with the God of the universe. The experience is intoxicating – totally controlling. You are not drunk with wine but you are filled with and controlled by the Spirit of the Living God.

You will delight in God, and in His life in you, irrespective of everyone and any thing. People will not understand you. You will be an anomaly in this world.

You can know about God. You can study and become proficient in Bible and Church history and psychology and business, and music, and, and….. And never know God. How can you know that you know God?

You know that you know God when:

  • You hurt with what hurts Him.
  • You love what He loves.
  • You rejoice when He rejoices.
  • You care for those He cares for.
  • You are angry at what makes Him angry.
  • You speak His truth to those who reject Him.
  • You stand alone with God on life’s issues.
  • You speak comfort to those who are hurting.
  • You bring healing to hurting hearts.
  • You have your heart in what He values.
  • Your heart beats with His heart.
  • You care for those whom the world rejects.
  • You make decisions based on what He wants.
  • Your heart is fixed on eternity.
  • You bless those who wish to harm you.
  • You forgive those who speak against you.
  • You call people to discipleship.
  • Your energies are used to build God’s Kingdom.
  • You do not count your life dear to yourself.
  • Your life is at His disposal.
  • Your will does not matter to you.
  • You only want His will to be done.
  • You know God when His Word and His words are your delight.
  • When you fear to break His heart.
  • When you cry when His heart is broken.

Then, you know God.

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