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Valentine's Day and Singlehood

Valentine's Day and Singlehood

Valentine's Day and Singlehood

by Michelle Kennell


Michelle wrote this short article last year for her blog and graciously allowed us to share it with you. To see more of her writing be sure to scroll down to the bottom where you will find a link to her blog.

So tomorrow night I have plans.

Mom told me that I didn’t have to tell her what my plans were as long as it didn’t involve a

It doesn’t.

It involves a bunch of girls, but no boys. Which is absolutely fine.

In fact, I’m not sure where we got this notion that Valentine’s Day is just for couples. Probably from sugared candy hearts pleading “Be Mine,” and “Hug Me.” Or maybe from paper valentines we give as kids. Honestly, I don’t know.

I’ve heard Valentine’s Day being called Single Awareness Day. I guess that’s true, although I’m not sure what kind of single isn’t aware every day that they’re single or what kind of rock you’d have to live under to not know that. I assume that Valentine’s Day is given that nefarious title because single hood is felt most keenly then.

Which leads me to wonder: why?

Because last I checked, the holiday was about love, and love is a broad topic.

So shall I tell you how much I love the girls I’m going to hang out with? How I’ve known all of them for years (and some of them for yeeeeears) and how dear they’ve all come to be to me? How over the years, we’ve talked, grown, cried, and hugged? How we’ve discussed things, debated topics, got our feelings hurt, and forgiven? How through our flaws and all the misunderstandings, we’ve still managed to forgive and connect even more deeply because we’ve grown? How we’ve learned with each other that life sometimes throws curve balls and the best thing you can do is adapt your swing? How we’ve learned from and taught each other?

Tell me–maybe I’m missing something, but this sounds a whole lot like love.

So this Valentine’s Day, I have a date with a group of people I love. I think that’s a beautiful thing to celebrate.

Who do you love that you can celebrate?

Michelle lives in central Illinois among the vast corn fields. She enjoys long walks, hot drinks, old literature, and working with old people at "her" nursing home. She blogs at rhapsodyind.wordpress.com.

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