Why Won't God Stay in My Box?

by Sheri Yutzy


People are confusing. They break promises, grow, move away, change their opinions—they’re hard to trust sometimes.

But God doesn’t change. He keeps His promises. He’s omnipresent, so He couldn’t move away. He should be easy to trust.

Then why are we often confused by what He’s doing? Life can seem normal until pain arrives and we’re left wondering why God let it come in the door. Even when we see pain in someone else’s life, the same questions haunt us. What is God doing? Did I do something especially bad to deserve this? What if something worse happens?

These questions are hooks that we sink deep within our understanding of God. We are trying to understand Him, yes, but also not to let go of what we already think we know about Him. The trouble with clinging to our old understanding is that we’re blinded to His true nature. We can’t see His endless grace if we’re so focused on what’s in our hands.

If we want to see the true God, we must willingly release our death grip on the boundaries we’ve set for Him. Instead of despairing that our hard-hearted coworker will never surrender to Jesus, we must let our faith soar. When a dear friend makes a painful, foolish choice, we must beg the God of limitless redemption to show her the way back to wisdom.

Drop the box, and the pretension that we can decide how far God is willing to go. Lay down our careful patterns for the Master of the Universe and let Him weave beautiful healing all around us. He’s waiting for us to look up from the bottom of our empty box and see Him, huge and powerful, holding the world up. He knows our tendency to box Him in, and He is ever working to dispel our delusions of control.

Giving in to confusion when God is working is the same as giving up. We are apprenticed in His grace, but we are not masters. His work will go on whether we understand it or not. And because we are still learning grace, He often calls us to trust Him without seeing the end result.

So even if you’re confused about something in your life right now, give it to Him. He is a patient and loving Master, and He will help you trust Him.

Hi, I'm Sheri Yutzy. I'm Mennonite and I love it. I thrive on the thrill of taking the old and spinning it new. That's why I write fantasy. I live with my best friend and teach creative writing at our church high school. I love Autumn, Ted Dekker's storytelling technique, and watching God mend the broken in this world. Feel free to follow along with my blog and Instagram @sheriyutzyauthor.