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Faith Amidst Transition

Faith Amidst Transition

Faith Amidst Transition

by Kathryn Schrock


This evening I walked down a road that was touched by the muskeg in some places. Towards the west, the sun glowed pink through a haze of dust and smoke. The jack pines were wildly graceful against that hazy backdrop.

The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” Deuteronomy 33:27

I love the land and the people. Canada has been my home for sixteen years; Dryden, Ontario, has become home to me the last five of those years. I love the ruggedness of the land, and I love knowing that the true wilderness starts not far from where I live. Here the tall sparse trees give me space to gaze at the heavens. My heart has been captured by the dazzle of northern lights, the haunting cry of the loon, the mournful eerie howl of the wolf, and the cold sparkle of winter.

The strong and amazing indigenous friends I have made have also captured my heart. I love their language, the way they understand their land, and the stories they tell about life. I am grateful for the way they have offered friendship to me and invited me to share life with them.

My heart is deeply rooted in this country; the love I have for the land and the people has been woven into the fiber of who I am. Yet God has spoken to my heart.

"What did He say?" asked a twelve-year-old friend. "I want to know."

"He told me it's time to move on."

Over the years, God has told this to many of His followers. While many of them moved to places where they had never been, I know God is directing me to move to Virginia. The land where I was born is a beautiful southern state. It is where I was formed into the person I am today; it is where my thought processes were shaped.

Although I was born there, there are times I weep to think of trading my lake and the tall jack pines for a pond and mighty oak trees.

I ache to my core to think of pulling up my roots for the third time. I wonder if there will ever be an end to the moving and finding a new home to settle into. Will there ever be a place to call home forever? How will I survive the transition? When these questions come, I know the answer in my head. I know that Heaven waits, and that God will be my Eternal Home.

In my heart, though there are still pockets of fear, and lots of questions that hide and pop out unexpectedly. I am finding though that as I invite Jesus into the places of fear, He whispers His peace to me. He reminds me to be strong and courageous, for He has promised to never leave me or forsake me.

I can see clearly that His hand is leading me. "A ship moored in harbour will never get anywhere. Only when it cuts loose can it begin a journey." I am cutting loose from many things, and as I do that—making the choice to follow God daily—He has opened doors for me.

He knows that it rips me up to leave the North. He knows the love embedded in my heart for the land and the people, He put it there. He knows that I am afraid that in the South I will feel like a piece of raw meat at a tea party. God knows all these things, and yet He is asking me to step out in faith, to trust that He will be my Home. He asks me to believe that He will still be my Good Father no matter where I am. Because He asks, my heart yearns to trust Him and be obedient.

For I love Jesus more than the North. I love Him more than the wild rugged beauty here that ignites my being. I love Him more than all these, and I trust Him. I know that His plans are good even though they excite and terrify me at the same time. I know that He has a wild, grand, and glorious adventure for me.

More than anything, I want to walk in step with His heart, be in tune with His Spirit, and be open to His call.

He loves me, He will always be with me, and that is enough.

I am a Canadian girl with a heart for serving Jesus in whatever way he asks of me. My roots are in Virginia, but when I was nine years old my family moved to Canada. Teaching and children are very close to my heart, since I have been a teacher for the last six years. Over the last several years God has done a lot of transformation in my heart which has given me a desire to see that kind of redemption worked out in the lives of others as well. With that in my heart God has lead me to move back to Virginia as I pursue what is next in life.

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