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How to Host an Outdoor Movie and Ice Cream Party

I hosted my first outdoor movie and ice cream party the summer I lived in a tiny city apartment. Since indoor space was limited, I had to get creative with accommodating large parties, and happily put my large backyard to use. Since then, I have moved, but the movie/ice cream party has become an annual tradition, and this summer I hosted my third. Around 35 friends showed up, and we spent the evening sipping iced coffee, licking drippy ice cream cones and playing lawn games. There was also a twilight balloon launch – all the children had filled out cards with a little message and their return address, and attached them to helium balloons which we sent off in one big, colorful bunch. The final event of the evening was a family-friendly movie, enjoyed from lawn chairs and blankets scattered across the lawn.

The Basics of Sourdough (ft. Trista Beachy)

I have a passion for food. More specifically, I have a passion for food that is prepared and consumed the way our ancestors prepared & consumed it. Don't get me wrong, I love a good all-American meal of burgers & fries, but there's something that gets my blood pumping when I read about and taste food that my ancestors may have prepared and eaten, whether that be sauerkraut, kombucha, cheese, raw milk or butter, carefully prepared (or not!) meats, or soaked grains.

Designing with Neutrals (ft. Clarita Yoder)

I believe that God – as the Master Designer - created each of us in His image with an inner artist, and that comes out in so different ways for each person! For some people that comes out in the way they serve their family with food, arranging and preparing the meals with great love and care. For others, it could be the way they can set work aside and play with their kids, investing their time and energy into creating fun things together. Another woman may love to see what she can design and fashion for her kids to wear, enjoying the process of styling and putting outfits together. Someone else may be an incredible artist with words, writing beautiful things that are rich or lighthearted, and that bring life to the people around them. There are endless ways, really, and the various ways artistry is shown is so beautiful and fascinating!

DIY Quiet Book

Some of my earliest memories of church involve sitting on the pew next to mom and dad and playing with the Quiet Book. Handcrafted by my creative mother, the Quiet Book was a special toy reserved for special occasions. It consisted of about a dozen cloth pages, and each one featured a unique activity - a wheel to spin, popsicle puppets, zippers that opened to reveal miniature playthings. The pages didn’t tear and the activities and toys inside were made of soft material, making quiet play easy for restless little ones. A few years ago I made a Quiet Book for my niece and found the process whimsical and fun. There are hundreds of creative page ideas and patterns online, so have fun doing your own research. To help you get started, enjoy a sneak peak at a few pages from my quiet book, plus tips for creating your own.