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Christmas Shopping: 5 Gifts for $25 or Less

Christmas gift shopping can either be an adventure or something to be dreaded depending on your preference. We are pleased to bring you this list of carefully curated gift ideas from trusted small businesses that we hope will take the guesswork out of holiday shopping this year. The best part? Every gift listed is $25 or less!

10 Holiday Gifts Under $25.00

Christmas is almost here and the season of holiday shopping is upon us. Some of you may be looking forward to this with gleeful anticipation and others are probably wishing the gifts are already purchased and wrapped. We all know that one person who is difficult to shop for because he (or she) probably already has everything. We've compiled a list of holiday gifts to help you with your Christmas shopping. Many of these are handcrafted by small businesses and the best part? They’re all under $25.00!