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Gather: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Every cook needs a chocolate chip cookie recipe. One that is delightfully full of chocolate chips and with just the right texture. If you enjoy chewy cookies with slightly crisp edges then this is the recipe for you. These gems are perfect for school lunches or a mid-day coffee break. This particular recipe is best prepared in advance to allow plenty of time for chilling. Enjoy!

Bohemian Picnic Recipes

My cousin Christy and I have been away from our home base of Kansas for most of last year, but we both came back for the summer. We both had busy summers, but we wanted to do something before we both headed to Faith Builders in the fall. On our family trip this summer, we had the most amazing charcuterie boards at Olympia Provisions in Portland, so my sister and I started brainstorming about a gypsy picnic with charcuterie boards as the centerpiece. Unbeknownst to me, Christy was also dreaming up a bohemian picnic and she wondered if I would want to do the food. I was delighted.