Print articles range from 1000-2000 words. Current and future needs are outlined below. When submitting your piece, keep in mind that content selections are made several months in advance.


issue no. 19: feast

Releasing September, 2017. 
Summer is waning, and the hard work is finally paying off. As we reap the Autumn harvest, we are reminded that labor yields fruit, and that after months of hard labor, we are rewarded with abundance. The goal of this issue is to pause and appropriately celebrate the victories, successes, and abundance of all the Lord has done. Together, we gather around the table, loaded with the blessings of His goodness, and partake in gratitude.
Content Needs: Bible Studies/Interviews/Poetry/Essays
Keywords: Abundance, harvest, labor, first-fruit, rich, decadent, gratitude.
Submission deadline:  July 15, 2017

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poetry NEEDS

Each issue of DOP is divided into six sections that highlight unique aspects of a woman's life: Beloved / Attend / Explore / Create / Endeavor / Thrive. 

We are searching for original poetry to introduce these sections of the Feast Issue, which releases September, 2017.


  • Poetry should be written in rhyme or prose.
  • A total of six stanzas should be submitted; one for each section of DOP (aka, Beloved, Attend, Create, etc.).
  • Each of the six stanzas should be composed of 5-10 lines.
  • Each stanza should uniquely relate to the section it introduces, as well as the issue's overall theme (in this case, Feast).
  • For a better understanding of the six sections of DOP, click here.
  • The poet whose work is used in this issue will receive a free copy of the issue.
  • Because DOP is has a mission of ministering to and providing a creative platform for women, only the work of female poets will be considered.
  • Submissions deadline is July 15, 2017.

Email submissions to