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Daughters of Promise Magazine

a quarterly publication, nurturing your faith through Scripture, art, and story.

In an era where we can consume information at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger, there is something special about holding a book in hand and slowly reading. Daughters of Promise magazine is a quarterly publication pairing stunning visuals with Gospel-rooted essays to nurture the faith and lives of women.

Because a cluttered environment tends to lead to a cluttered mind, we pursue simplicity and order in Daughters of Promise magazine. Clean design and simple, beautiful visuals help provide a restful reading experience. Issues are intentionally longer than can be read in one or two sittings, inviting thoughtful consumption of truths that women can chew on long after they have closed the issue. Vivid visuals on luxurious paper offer a tactile reading experience.

Daughters of Promise is an Anabaptist ministry, and the magazine offers content which is cohesive with the belief and practices of this conservative Christian community. However, the message of Daughters of Promise is not bound by earthly denominations; it is the message of the Gospel and an invitation for women of all walks of life to enter into communion with Jesus. Our passion is to see women flourishing in the abundant life He offers.



Because we want to encourage wholeness in all areas of life, each issue of DOP is divided into six categories of focus: Beloved (spiritual walk), Attend (relationships), Explore (travel/learning/discovery), Create (creativity and beauty), Endeavor (our work), and Thrive (our inner life).

There are 21-24 pieces of content in each issue, including a mix of mixture of personal stories, Bible study and theological essays, travel guides, recipes, and poetry. Articles are accompanied by beautiful visuals - photography, artwork, and design.


The magazine's combination of conservative values and compelling visuals encourages purposeful reading. We believe that excellent photography, artwork, and design are glorifying to God and should be embraced in a woman’s life. To that end, we strive for beautiful visuals that also represent the values of our heritage. Photoshoots that feature ordinary women in simple outfits and realistic settings, portray the beauty that is present in everyday life. In this era of sleek technology that yields instant gratification, we want DOP to encourage a slower pace. The length of each issue, paired with visually pleasing presentation, invites readers to savor it slowly, rather than skimming and tossing it.

A second unique aspect of the magazine is the number of guest contributors. We are building a community of women around the concept that each one’s story matters and is worth sharing. While a small group of women serve on staff as regular contributors, around 60% of each issue's written content is created by guests. For our readership, this creates a sense of ownership and involvement. DOP is created by and for the ordinary woman. We actively seek out contributors who do not have a platform, and whose lives may not appear “magazine worthy” by Instagram standards, but who have much to share.


Daughters of Promise magazine is released every quarter, in March, June, September, and December.


Content is created for those who are navigating independent adulthood. Our primary audience is women age 20-35, though many in older seasons of life enjoy it as well. Much of the magazine content focuses on broad subjects of church, relationships, and creativity, and which can be enjoyed in any season of life. Each issue also contains articles that focus on specific stages of life such as marriage, motherhood, singleness, empty nesting, etc..


Yes! Every quarter, we accept writing pitches for the upcoming issue. There are also occasional opportunities to contribute artwork or photography to an issue. To learn about current opportunities, please visit the Contributions Page.