Daughters of Promise magazine is a quarterly, 112+ page publication that is distributed both digitally and in print. Each issue is offset printed on uncoated paper and book-bound to create a delightfully tactile reading experience. In keeping with our commitment to simplicity and content-focus, Daughters of Promise is ad-free and reader-supported. We are staffed by volunteers and all content is received on a volunteer basis. Visually, DOP bears a unique place in the Christian magazine industry, offering aesthetically appealing design that is both simple and beautiful.

Daughters of Promise magazine fills a niche, being produced by women of the Anabaptist denomination and offering content which is cohesive with the belief and practices of this conservative Christian community. Yet the message of Daughters of Promise is not bound by earthly denominations; it is the message of the Gospel and an invitation for women of all walks of life to enter into communion with Jesus. Our passion is to see women flourishing in the abundant life He offers.

Because we believe that the Christian walk is a holistic experience, Daughters of Promise is divided into six areas of emphasis:



Who is God? Who are we through Christ? Our lives flow from these questions. BELOVED explores the spiritual dimension of life, turning our hearts toward Jesus and His Word in order to walk in freedom.

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Women are intrinsically relational and wired to nurture. To attend is to take care of, minister to, watch over, devote their services to, and accompany. ATTEND offers perspective on relationship roles, whether companionship, authority, or those of responsibility.


Learning is a lifelong process. EXPLORE is a place for learning through information and reputable research, and discussion of topics such as science, literature, travel, and the physical world.



Made in the image of Creator God, women’s love for creating beauty comes from Him. In CREATE, you will find hands-on activities and projects, recipes, and articles designed to celebrate this aspect of woman’s identity.


Rather than relating to work as a curse of the fall, ENDEAVOR honors it as a God-ordained commission. Here you’ll find inspiration for a diligent, purposeful life - whether as a homemaker, factory worker, or small business owner. This section will include practical tips, essays, and work-related interviews with women.


Life involves a lot of doing. In the busyness of outward motion, it can be difficult to maintain inner health. THRIVE is dedicated to the quieter, contemplative practices that nurture the soul: restful art and poetry, inspirational articles, and healthy life habits.