Content Review Team

Content reviewers proofread each article, helping to ensure that content is theologically accurate. Serving currently are:

Milo Zehr, Virginia | Dave Slabach, Virginia | Janelle Glick, Ontario

Administrative Team


Rachel Schrock, Founder, Chief Editor

Rae grew up in a mountain valley of southeast TN, where she spent hours exploring the outdoors and coming to love the magic of an empty sheet of paper. Today, Virginia is home and Rae (at long last) loves the community where she has been transplanted. She enjoys her morning Americano, journaling, graphic design, and planning all the details of every trip she takes. A life-long seeker of beauty, she especially looks for it in ordinary places of the everyday. Come to visit! She’ll treat you to rest, all the local thrift stores and the best lavender mocha you’ve ever had.


Susanna Stoltzfus, Editorial Manager and Content Development

Su lives between the desert plains and rugged mountains of South-Central Colorado. In the past few years, her appreciation for the great outdoors has grown with the easy access to tall mountains and beautiful views. Her bedroom is full of plants, books, and journals. She believes that Christians should create the best art and endeavors to push back against the darkness as she creates with the words and music of stories and songs.


Brittany Velasquez, Content Development and Blog Manager

Brittany lives in central Virginia with her husband of four years. She loves to read, make delicious messes in her kitchen, and find good thrift deals. She’ll take a glass of Southern sweet tea over coffee any day. Her dream is to travel the world with her husband and experience new adventures.


Marlene Stoltzfus, Content Development and Email Devotional Coordinator

Marlene lives in a northwestern village of Pennsylvania with her husband Kyle and three littles. Their life has never been boring between moves, college studies, and work for non-profits. She squeezes in as much time as she can to read, grow plants and relationships, and hunt for the goodness of God.


Hannah Yoder, Content Development, Artistic Director

Hannah is a down to earth beauty seeker. She teaches upper elementary at her church school in northern Indiana. She lives in a ramshackle cottage that she loves to call home and is always up for a discussion on creativity, delicious food, or practical ways to improve her corner of the world.

Editorial Staff

Anita Yoder.jpg

Anita Yoder, Editor

Anita Yoder thrives on color, stories, and bends in the road. A third culture child, she spends much of her time connecting with friends and family in other time zones. She thinks it’s an enormous loss to be near a stream or lake without wading at least a little bit.

Jennifer Jantzi, Editor

Jenn makes her home in rural Ontario with her veterinarian husband, one lovely daughter, and four rowdy but equally lovely boys. She likes to learn new skills, read juvenile fiction, and hang out laundry. If you come to her house, she will invite you in, brew a pot of freshly-ground coffee, and make a new friend.


Katrina Eberly, Editor

Katrina, when the day of mommy happenings and pastor-wife caring slowly ends, loves to sit on the front porch of their city of Reading rowhouse with her husband Matt and munch ice pops with their four children (and any other children who walk past on their way to the local corner store.) After ice pops and good night kisses, she checks the punctuation on an author’s final draft, reads a few chapters in a good book, and sits on the back porch steps with Matt to dream together of city life missions for Jesus Christ.

Missy Beachy.jpg

Melissa (Missy) Beachy, Editor

Melissa, or Missy, as most people know her, has made the prairies of Kansas her home, and has come to appreciate the big sky and the wonderful people there. She spends her days working as a secretary at a property management company, and her office and home are filled with plants. She and her fiance Arlynn are both always up for a good pun or meme.

DeLora Neuschwander, Writer

DeLora is a missionary, musician, and Messianic Studies student living and working in New York City. She enjoys playing and teaching violin and piano as well as singing and playing on several worship teams in the city. She loves drinking coffee, reading a good book, meeting interesting people, and spending evenings at home in her crooked little New York apartment.

Emily Miller .JPG

Emily Miller, Writer

Emily lives in the foothills of Northeastern Washington with her husband Tim and their four children. She spends her days caring for her family and sneaks time when she can to read and write down the thoughts that swirl in her mind. She loves to garden, and spend time in nature, and read to her children, and drink coffee with her husband in the early morning silence.


Geneva Eby, Writer

Geneva is a wife to Chad and mommy to Vienna and Shiloh. Her favorite days involve taking her girls to the library, running at sunset, laughing with Chad, and reading or writing when she should be sleeping. She believes there is beauty to be seen in every ordinary thing, if we only take the time to notice it.

Heather Lehman.jpg

Heather Lehman, Writer

Heather is a country girl who is happily growing roots in the color and diversity of New York City, where she lives in a little third floor apartment with her husband, Seth, and their twin sons. Heather measures the fullness of her days in the laughter of her children and tries not to measure the fullness of the laundry hamper. She is finding unexpected fulfillment in working alongside her husband in church planting. They also are the founders of Crosswind, a magazine for Anabaptist youth.


Katelyn Cover, Writer

Katelyn lives in California with her husband Preston and their three small humans. She enjoys writing, learning what makes people tick, discussing substantive matters with friends, and meditating in the beauty of the outdoors. Her own weakness in household organization is one of her greatest annoyances. But in all circumstances, she continues to find that God is good beyond her imagination.

Sara Nolt.jpg

Sara Nolt, Writer

Sara lives near Lancaster, PA, with her husband John and three delightful children. She is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools the children, teaches Sunday school at church, plays Boggle with her sisters, and loves used bookstores. She also does

Artistic Staff


Melody Zimmerman, Photography Director

Melody lives in the beautiful farmland of southeast Iowa with her husband Jay. She is an all around creative that especially enjoys making and photographing bouquets and yummy food. She also works part-time as a barista where she pursues her passion for coffee and tries to work on her lack of people skills. She also really dislikes writing bios because she wants to come across as truthfully representative of who she is but space is super limited and it would take all day to write all of the things out.


Grace Keller, Photographer

Hi, I’m Grace! I’m a wedding and family photographer who really likes people. I’m married to my favorite person, Isaac, and mama to our precious girl, Easton. I live in the state of Iowa, although being born and raised in the mountains of Washington, the west coast will always feel like home. Autumn and cozy sweaters make my heart dance, I’m constantly puzzling over the mysterious way beauty and pain and loss and celebration live side by side in our lives, and I think avocados are the perfect snack.

Samaria Miller.jpg

Samaria Miller, Photographer

I have been forgiven much. My husband is my best friend and we do life in small town Ohio, with four kids and a minivan and so much coffee. Photography is what we do best. I love everything & anything creative, gardening, classical music, pink, and perfect moments.


Eva Shorey, Illustrator

Eva lives in Maine with her husband and two boys. She does illustration work for the Daughters of Promise magazine. She loves wildflowers and keeping a drawing journal. She draws inspiration from the meadows, coastline, and forests of Maine. She loves coffee, chocolate, and starry summer nights. Her church, family, and friends are the central point of her life - spending time with loved ones is what all the housework, cooking, and errands revolve around.


Vera Schlabach, Illustrator

Hi! I am Vera, mama by day, watercolor artist by night. I’m married to my biggest supporter, Michael and have four sweet children, Sebastian, Norah, Theodore and Ezekiel. Every day you will find me changing diapers, yelling “close the door” fifty times and giving a hundred kisses. I love expensive food, am a slight health nut and dream of living anywhere but Ohio. Life is crazy but beautiful, grace not perfection is my motto.  


Marcina Stoltzfus, Letterer

Marcina lives with her husband Jeff in a small town near Pittsburgh. Her days are filled with kneading dough in a local bakery, spending time with her neighbors, tending her kitchen garden, and hosting both friends and strangers alike. She has many creative outlets including photography, graphic design, water color, and hand lettering.