Daughters of Promise is a Christian Anabaptist ministry, nurturing wholeness in women through Scripture, art, and story.

When I was a teenager, my mom often said to me as I left the house, “Remember who you are and Whose you are.” The meaning of her reminder may be clear to you, but at the time, I viewed it as a statement to guide my behavior. Over time, however, the deeper meaning sunk into my heart.

An Olympic athlete makes choices for her life based on who she is. She knows that when competition comes, she will only be ready if she trains every day, gets the right amount of sleep, and eats the right kinds of food. Likewise, a princess knows that every word she says and every action she chooses reflects not only on her position as one of the country’s leaders but also on the country’s top leader, the king, her father. Every word, thought, and action filters down through her knowledge and understanding of who she is.

As followers of Jesus Christ, this holds even more meaning for us. Before we can know who we are, we must know Whose we are. Daughters of Promise Magazine, founded in 2010 by Rachel Schrock, promotes this truth in the lives of Christian women by highlighting stories of God’s faithfulness in the shared narrative of experiences in everyday life. Founded on Biblical principles and tailored to reach women of the Anabaptist community, DOP endeavors to honor the timeless value of tradition and a Gospel-centered lifestyle, coupled with an appreciation for art and beauty.

What began as a digital monthly newsletter has become a quarterly publication filled with stunning photos, personal stories, and original art. In the summer of 2018, The Love Letter Initiative began as a campaign to send letters and thoughtful, hand-selected gifts to women facing difficult circumstances. Daughters of Promise also offers products to help bring Scripture into women’s everyday lives. 

Daughters of Promise was created to help nurture wholeness in women and to foster community by sharing the stories of ordinary women, showcasing beautiful visuals, and highlighting Scriptural teaching. In a world where femininity, beauty, personal achievement, and identity have been inaccurately rebranded, DOP offers a way to rediscover and rekindle the joy of Whose we are.



October 2010

Rae starts Daughters of Promise as an email newsletter, and the first 10-page issue is mailed to a small group of subscribers - mostly friends. Rae designs the monthly issues on an old laptop using Microsoft Word.

January 2013

A few ladies have joined the production team, and DOP transitions to a bi-monthly digital magazine.

May 2014

The first ever print edition of Daughters of Promise magazine is published! 100 copies are mailed. Issues are 64 pages long, and sent bi-monthly.

September 2016

A large editorial team is in place. The magazine transitions to quarterly issues that are 112+ pages long.

May 2018

Daughters of Promise expands to include more than just the magazine. We launch the Love Letter Initiative and add weekly email devotionals, along with products dedicated to nurturing the faith of women.

Where are we today?

In 2019, we are working hard behind the scenes on some exciting changes and new products. Daughters of Promise continues to be a place where women share their talents and find encouragement in their journeys of faith.