Many women contribute to the making of Daughters of Promise.

Meet our staff below.

RAE SCHROCK    Founder / Chief Editor / Creative Director

Rachel Schrock (better known as Rae) grew up in southern TN where she learned to love the mountains & wind-blown alfalfa fields. At the age of 9, she discovered the comfort of writing and began keeping a journal - a habit she still practices today. In 2010, the idea of Daughters of Promise was birthed from several important events: the ending of a relationship, the desire to help women find healing, and a dream to write usefully. Rae is passionate about living a life of simplicity and purpose, and desires to inspire other women to do the same. She believes that clarity brings freedom and has a dream that Daughters of Promise be a place women find liberating truth. In addition to writing and creative design, Rae enjoys her part-time job as RN/sonographer at a local crisis pregnancy center. She finds real-life experiences thrilling and is on a journey to detach from her devices in order to engage more fully in life.

MARLENE STOLTZFUS   Content Adviser / Assistant Design Editor

Marlene Stoltzfus enjoys thinking, learning, and using creativity to meet a new challenge. She and her husband Kyle currently live in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania, with their daughter and son, Elia and Devon.  They are a staff family at Faith Builders Educational Programs. Marlene joined the DOP staff in 2013 and serves as assistant creative editor and staff writer for the magazine. It is her personal ambition to create spaces of balance and rest and to inspire other women to do the same.


BRITTANY VELASQUEZ   Blog Manager / Content Adviser

Brittany Velasquez lives in Farmville, Virginia where she is loving her role as wife to her husband Dar. She lends her creativity to DOP via the Life&Style section and enjoys incorporating into it her love for DIY projects, crafting, and cooking.


Gertrude Slabach lives with her husband Dave in a big old farmhouse where they raised their 6 kids and currently enjoy the challenge of remodeling. Sometimes Gert works as a nurse; sometimes she is a foster mom. Many times she is a children’s teacher at church.  Most times she is a writer. Always she is a woman, a wife, a mother of six and a mother-in-law. Through her column 'Becoming', in Daughters of Promise, Gert shares stories and lessons gained from a lifetime of unique experiences. Gert is a seasoned writer, her columns from a local news magazine being compiled in the book Southside Glimmers. She also authored the book, Aren’t We Having Fun Dying?!, the story of her mother-in-law's commitment to prepare her family for her soon arrival in Heaven. In her spare time, Gert enjoys reading, writing, riding bike with her husband and spending time with her family. She blogs regularly at My Windowsill.

DIANE BOWMAN  Staff Writer


SARA NOLT   Staff Writer

Sara Nolt is a Christian, married to the man of her dreams, and a stay-at-home mom to two imaginative,
original, and delightful preschoolers. While that sentence defines most of her world, there is always more, of course.  There are books and writing and childish artwork and people from around the world to host and to love.  There are also dreadful things like gardening and window washing. You can look her up on her blog, if you like:


DeLora Neuschwander is a music teacher originally from Goshen, IN who is currently living and  teaching in Brooklyn, NY. She left part of her heart in Israel while studying Hebrew in Jerusalem, and she is now serving with a mission organization attempting to reach out to the Jewish community of NYC. She loves taking long rambling walks, getting lost in a good book (or bookstore), coffee shops, black ink pens, and leather journals. She is passionate about missions, beauty, education, and the arts. It is her desire to inspire young women to live lives completely dedicated to the calling of God.

Mahlon & Anna-55.jpg


Susanna Stoltzfus is originally from Seneca, South Carolina, raised in and defined by the slow pace of Southern culture. She has lived in the beautiful state of Colorado for most of the last three years. She enjoys good coffee, great books, and music and art that tell stories. In the year twenty-seventeen, she has endeavored, along with three friends, to write every day. Follow the paper trail at or on Susanna's personal blog,

ANNA DEATON   Illustrator

Hi there, I'm Anna, and I'm saying hello from the eastern side of Washington State! I greatly enjoy dark chocolate, sunny days, using lots of color, gardening, laughing, and good, strong, coffee. I'm the wife to my favorite guy, Luke, and mom to six littles, via birth, adoption, and foster care. I love spontaneous adventures, homeschooling my crew, watercolor doodling, and anything involving culture, languages, and travel. I enjoy using the homegrown creativity God has given me to support adoption and foster care, as well as to bring hope and cheer to whomever my doodles find themselves in the hands of. Swing by my Etsy shop at or look up our crew on Instagram @mudpiesandtutus

JACINTA MILLER   Illustrator

Jacinta Miller is a Midwest girl living the good life that her Great God placed her in for a great purpose. She has a passion for art and photography and loves how one can catch memories in both of those. Jacinta also loves quaint coffee shops and working on her family's small farm and raising her Golden Retrievers. She feels honored to Illustrate this wonderful magazine and prays that God is honored through her work. See more of Jacinta's artistic work on Instagram, at @cinta_lane87.

HANNAH YODER   Illustrator

Hannah is challenged to create, enjoy beauty, think well, and do all to the glory of God, the Master of all of these. Teaching fifth and sixth graders provides her with motivation and inspiration to live this out daily. Follow Hannah on Instagram at @hannah.raquel.90, and be sure to check out her and her sister's Etsy shop, where they sell original watercolor and creative pieces.



I'm Marcina, and I love to learn new things, create beauty, and invest in meaningful relationships.  I'm currently living in Guys Mills, PA, supporting my husband Jeff as he studies at Faith Builders Training Institute and doing graphic design as a part time job.  I love welcoming people into our home, and I care about creating a safe place to unwind and relax. Follow me on Instagram @cina_stoltz.

KIMBERLY MARTIN   Photographer

Hello! My name is Kimberly Martin. I am from upstate New York in the Thousand Islands Region. I enjoy working with my dad and my boyfriend on my uncle’s crop farm during the summer. I love capturing the beauty of life with my camera, going on long walks, traveling, drinking coffee, and playing music. My goal in life is to bring glory to my Heavenly Father in everything I say and do. Follow me on Instagram @kimmayy_g_


MISSIE SAUDER   Photographer

Missie Sauder was born and has lived in a very small town in Central PA all her life. As a wedding photographer since June 2012, Missie has documented 40 weddings spread all across the US & Canada. She has a passion for traveling, and blessing others with photograph wherever she goes. The Middle East has captured her heart from a young age, so when God opened the door to serve near the front lines in Northern Kurdistan, she went and is currently involved in refugee photo project with the LIVE team. If it was up to her, she would move to the Middle East, but she is happily dating an Alaskan, so having God's will being fulfilled is her ultimate goal.


Melody Zimmerman   Photographer

I am a recovering sinner, learning to live in the light of God's grace every day. I live with my hubby, Jay, in a teeny town in Southeast Iowa. I love to study and play with photography and am currently working on getting my photography business off to a good start! In my spare time I'm a pastry chef, a coffee enthusiast, a thriftaholic--a typical artsy-creative. What I enjoy most about being a artist, is blessing others with the things I've made! You can see much of what I do on Instagram @roseonajourney. 

MALLORY LANZ   Gather Cooking Column

Mallory Lanz lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where she lives with her husband and two young children, keeping house and pursuing her hobbies of baking and food photography. Born and raised on a farm in rural Ohio, she keeps in touch with family and friends through her food blog, experimenting with new creations and sharing her favorite traditional family recipes. You can find her at