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We love featuring the creative work of photographers in each issue of Daughters of Promise. If you enjoy photography and would like to submit images for our blog or magazine, use the form below to send them over. Each image used receives appropriate credit, as well as an opportunity for the photographer to include their contact info, website, and social media handles. If 3 or more of your images are included in an issue of Daughters of Promise magazine, we will send you a thank-you copy of the issue. Before submitting your images, please ensure that they align with DOP standards by reviewing our General Submissions Policy and Photography Guidelines. Then, fill out the form below and upload the photos you would like to share. We can't wait to see them!

Want to be involved in a more long-term way while honing your creative skills? Consider a DOP internship. You can learn more by clicking here.

Upcoming Issues Guide

18: VALOR. Releasing June, 2017. Life is relentless, often calling us to tasks that make our knees weak and our hearts tremble. Yet, God has given women a special sort of grit and this issue is a salute to that strength. Photography that captures concepts of boldness, grit, and strength are welcome. Colors should be vivid and intense, reflecting the hues of summer (i.e. azure blue, orange, yellow, purple, etc.). Nature photography is welcome. CONTENT DEADLINE: April 16, 2017. 


As we develop the DOP aesthetic, we put a high value on these three things:

  1. Natural Staging: Photoshoots should be executed in such a way that they aren't obviously staged. The models should be engaged in activities and settings that make sense. For instance, for an adventure/travel-themed article, it would not be natural to see a woman standing on a train track holding a vintage suitcase. It doesn't reflect real life. A more appropriate representation of "adventure" might be of the woman purchasing train tickets at a real Amtrak station, or pulling a suitcase through an airport. We want to incorporate staging that is beautiful and creative, yet relate-able to the average reader.

  2. Model Diversity: We celebrate the unique differences God has created us with. Therefore, we like to feature women from a variety of ethnic, denominational, and age groups. Photographers are encouraged to feature a diverse range of women - from "conservative" to "liberal", making sure models' attire fits into the Photography Guidelines.

  3. Invitational Aesthetic: We want DOP to be a place to invites women to an authentic life, not one that places more pressure on them to look or dress a certain way in order to be "successful" or "accepted". Images should represent an authentic portrait of life. Our featured models don't need to be exquisitively dressed, with the perfectly put together outfit, accessories, and hairstyle. Readers should feel inspired by, not inferior to, the images they see in DOP. We believe that even the most mundane activities of life can also be the most beautiful. Interestingly enough, they are also where the average woman will spend the majority of her life's time. For that reason, we strive to honor and celebrate the simple things in life - from dishwashing, to pulling weeds, to getting up early for devotions. We encourage photographers to think outside the box when putting together a photoshoot and find ways to capture ordinary activities of life vs. highly special ones. 

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