Issue 24 Digital: Expectant

Issue 24 Digital: Expectant


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The Expectant Issue

As we near the Advent season, our thoughts turn to life 2,000 years ago. After four centuries of silence, God's voice had been heard: the promised Messiah was coming! In one of the most sacred processes a human can experience, Mary carried the Son of God; expectant with the the long-expected. In this issue, we linger over hope-suspended. Is there a difference between "waiting" and being "expectant"? We believe so. To be expectant is to wait with hope, knowing that your waiting is not futile, but culminating in the fulfillment of desire.

It is the the joy of anticipation that causes an expectant mother to endure long months of waiting, changing, and ultimately the grueling ordeal of labor. The joy of anticipation kept Anna and Simeon eagerly awaiting the fulfillment of the promise that they would see the Messiah. It is hopeful expectancy that causes us, too, to enter into our own seasons of quiet waiting, knowing that that was is being nurtured and tended in secret, will be brought forth in the fullness of time.

Includes 116 pages of original articles, photography, and artwork.
Cover by Samaria Miller

Features in Expectant:

  • When Waiting is Hoping: the Stories are True, by Su Stoltzfus

  • Finding Treasures in Darkness, by Jenny Miller

  • My Anchor Holds, by an anonymous daughter

  • Where Two or Three are Gathered, by Dave Slabach

  • A Cake, a Book, a Bouquet: 3 Things you can Make this Winter

  • To Die is to Be Born, by Deb Troyer

  • Financial Well-Being, by Dustan Swartzentruber

  • Cultivating a Heart for Hospitality, by Cheryl Weiler

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