Issue 27 Digital: Savor

Issue 27 Digital: Savor


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In a pace of living that often leaves women feeling bedraggled, exhausted, and spiritually dry, what we are really longing for will not be satisfied by more sleep, more hours in the day, or the next big opportunity. What we are really longing for is to savor the life that we have. We desire to enjoy the beauty all around us; to know and dwell in the presence of God; to enter into the present moment with our loved ones. Shauna Niequest likens the savoring of life to “expecting and noticing those glints and shimmers of the the daily.”

To “savor” is to “have experience of; to taste or smell with pleasure: relish; and to delight in.” When we savor something, we enjoy it so much that we want to make it last forever. When we savor something, we tend to do so slowly, in order to fully enjoy the nuances of color, flavor, or emotion that it holds. 

In Savor, we celebrate the abundance that flows out of seasons of labor. We offer encouragement for how to slow down and savor our relationships, the Word, Christ, and life itself.

112 pages of original articles, photography, and artwork.
Cover and section intro photography: Grace Klewin, staff photographer


  • Bitter & Sweet: Experiencing Suffering in the Context of God’s Goodness, by Katelyn Cover

  • Face to Face: Cultivating Relationships, by Emily Miller

  • Love in the Looking, by Alyssa Yoder

  • The Savory Gift of Food, by Christy Miller

  • Love in the Looking, by Alyssa Yoder

  • Shape Talk, by Ruth Ann Miller

  • Hygge Hosting, by Hannah Yoder

  • In Eden’s Kitchen, by Eden Mast

  • Cycles of Productivity, by Lilian Stoltzfus

  • Savoring Scripture, by Yolanda Lichty

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