Issue 20 Digital: Shelter

Issue 20 Digital: Shelter


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The Shelter Issue

In Scripture, God is ascribed names that describe Him as a mighty place of shelter. He is called rock, strong tower, shadow, wings. These are powerful words that evoke strong emotions in us frail humans. We are weak; we need protection. This holiday season, the Shelter issue reflects on what it means to be sheltered, not only by God as Rock and Shadow, but as Emmanuel: God beyond time, with us in time; Jesus present as Shelter incarnate. In Him, we find haven for our deepest griefs, protection from the enemy’s attacks, and the promise of eternal rest, where refuge is no longer needed as we dwell in unbroken communion with our Savior. In this knowledge, we become women of security who can offer shelter as we have been sheltered.

Includes 112 pages of original articles, photography, and artwork.

Features in Shelter

  • Celebration and Sorrow: living the paradox, by Ervina Yoder
  • Followers of a Homeless Lord, by Dwight Gingrich
  • Wreath-making tutorial, by Katrina Miller
  • Taking Shelter, Not Residence, by Mariana Eberly
  • The Neuroscience of Prayer, by Esta Doutrich
  • Secret Ingredients for Glorious Hair, by Regina Rosenbery
  • Can you Outgive God? by Renita Rhodes
  • BONUS: 6 pieces of original artwork+Scripture lettering, 2 of which are on perforated pages you can tear out and hang up as reminders of the protection of God.
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