Issue 21 Digital: Story

Issue 21 Digital: Story


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The Story Issue

A story is defined as “an account of past events in someone's life or in the progression of something.” Stories are powerful. Recounting the details of an event helps us to sort out its importance and gain understanding. Exploring our own personal narratives can bring healing and clarity. In this issue, we explore the Grand Narrative of the Gospel, the greatest Story ever told, and the one that ultimately gives meaning to our own. Our stories can be lived with grace and hope; we hope this issue equips you for that.

Includes 112 pages of original articles, photography, and artwork.
Cover and section intro artwork: Eva Shorey Art

Features in Story:

  • My Unfinished Story, by Gina Martin

  • A Story Without a Heroin(e), by Lori Eby and Tanya Hartman

  • The Story of God and His People, by Stephen Russell, Faith Builders

  • His Glory in Your Story, by Linda Horst

  • Thriving in Difficult Relationships, by Michael Hostetler, Life Ministries

  • The Anabaptist History Trail through Europe, by Sharla Plett, SMBI

  • Growing early Spring Veggies + Recipes, by Miriam Iwashige and Mallory Lanz

  • Bullet Journaling DIY, by Joy Lehman

  • Reading: for Knowledge, for Pleasure, with Wisdom, by Alyssa Yoder

  • Resurrection Scripture pages, to remove and display

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