Issue 23: Enough

Issue 23: Enough

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Enough is defined as “adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose of to satisfy desire.”

A day hardly goes by where “enough” doesn’t seem to elude us. As women, we long for the security of sufficiency and the joy of fulfillment; yet, often our lives are earmarked by the pain of lack. We are constantly short on something - sleep, money, intimacy, time, energy.

As we pondered the theme for this issue, we kept returning to the question, “What is enough?” What would be a sufficient measure to make us feel satisfied? This issue is an exploration of that question, and of our two realities. In a world that is marked with the inadequacy that is sin, perfect satisfaction will evade us; it is not possible. Another, equally important reality is that Enough is with us, in the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Good Shepherd promises to provide; moment by moment He stays true to His word. To have the promise of His grace and provision for the present moment - that is enough. Scarcity clarifies what is most important to us, and gives us the opportunity to exercise our faith that the God who provided enough for this present moment, will also provide enough for the ones that follow. With a sufficient measure to meet our need - nothing missing, nothing left over - enough is a feast.

Includes 112 pages of original articles, photography, and artwork.
Cover and section intro photography: Kendra Miller

Features in Enough:

  • I Shall Not Want, by Heather Lehman

  • Who Am I: Surviving Domestic Violence, by Rosanna Brubacker

  • Three Generations of Essentials, interview with 3 women from 3 generations

  • Racial Reconciliation, by Annlyn Kulp

  • Exquisite Simplicity, by Jewel and Will Johnson

  • The Anabaptist Woman and Higher Education, interviews

  • Taste and See, by Anita Yoder

  • Grow Old with Me, by Arla Graber

  • An Omer of His Goodness study, by Gert Slabach

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