Issue 22: Homespun

Issue 22: Homespun

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Homespun is defined as “simple and unsophisticated". This word may call to mind old-fashioned endeavors like knitting and gardening; domestic duties that dwell in the past and have little place in the fast-paced world in which we live today. While this picture is part of “homespun”, there is more. The menial, quiet tasks that have occupied women for so many centuries are a portrait of the homespun concept: simple, unsophisticated living. In the glamorous spotlight of social media and ever-increasing social and educational opportunity, the homely elements of everyday life can be a hard pill to swallow. “Surely God made me for more!” It is easy to mistake “glamour” for “glory”, and “minutia” for “meaningless”. In reality, our humble, day-to-day tasks serve a holy purpose. They nurture clarity and creativity, hollowing out wells of gratitude within us. The seemingly endless routines and rituals of ordinary life offer opportunity for growth and discipline. This issue invites women to embrace a humble life, serving faithfully the God who sees, when noone else does.

Includes 116 pages of original articles, photography, and artwork. BONUS GIFT: when you order a copy of Homespun, you’ll also receive a printed set of the paper dolls created just for this issue.
Cover by Sarah Peters

Features in Homespun:

  • In the Corridor of Time, by Susie Wagler

  • Ancient Bread: history and recipes, by Trista Beachy

  • Titus 2:10 - Pursuing the Ornament of Good Works, by Gert Slabach

  • Living Large in a Small Space, by Catherine Yoder

  • Guide to the Faroes Islands, by LaRonda Schrock and Lorida Burkholder

  • Home of One, by Jessica Yoder

  • Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, by Carolyn Novic

  • Imperfect Imagination: Raising Creative Children in a Tech-Savvy World, by Heather Lehman

  • Needlebook Tutorial, by Monica Brovont

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