Issue 26: Tend

Issue 26: Tend


To tend is to make small, frequent, repeated actions without immediate results but with long-term payoff. Tending is the language of habits and rituals. It is hard work, because it is usually menial and persistent. It is embedded in diligent process instead of fast and easy results.

There are so many things to tend to! How do we decide wisely what to spend time and energy on? What is important, not just urgent? How do we keep strength and perspective for the repeated, tiring work of tending important things? What makes it worth it and why should we care? This is an important aspect of living as a woman and we want to look at these questions with encouragement and focus this summer.

Includes: 112 pages of original articles, photography, and artwork.
Cover and section intro photography: Kendra Miller, Kendra Dawn Photography

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