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The Sponsor-A-Subscription Program

Providing discounted subscriptions to women in ministry.


Program Details

The Sponsor-a-Subscription program allows us to make deeply discounted subscriptions available to women in full-time, volunteer ministry.

Our vision has always been to encouragement and equip women for whole, healthy living. Unfortunately, the cost of an annual subscription makes this special resource just out of reach for those who need encouragement the most: women in voluntary service. Whether they're serving overseas or at home, these ladies are craving the kind of encouragement DOP offers, but a missionary salary doesn't leave much left for a $45 magazine subscription.

Through the sponsorship program, we are able to offer subscriptions for just $20 to women in full-time ministry. Would you consider giving?

100% of your gift will go to the program. No matter how large or small, your donation is a blessing that will help bless.

You have the option of connecting personally with the woman whose subscription you helped support; with mutual consent, we’ll let you know who she is, what work she is in, and what her prayer needs are. You can accept or decline this option during checkout.

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