consider joining our team

Has God given you a burden to use your talents in tangible ministry? Perhaps your skills coincide with our need. We would love to consider you for participation on our team and work together to bring godly encouragement to women through this ministry. Please see below for a listing of current openings and opportunities. All work is volunteer.

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Two openings available


  • Prior photography experience with an intermediate or professional level of skill.
  • Submit samples of previous work via online or emailed portfolio.
  • Willingness to comply with photography guidelines.
  • Must shoot with a DSLR and have proficiency in professional editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

Job Description

  • Commitment of 1 year (four issues).
  • Involves 2-3 hours or work per month (more or less depending on skill level).
  • Provide images for 2-3 articles per issue.
  • Work closely with editorial staff to develop the photography vision for each article, and then set up and execute photoshoots that adequately represent the message of the article. Detailed oversight will be provided by our staff during this process.
  • Provide print-ready images in 300 dpi via Dropbox, Google Drive, email, or other source.

graphic designers

Two openings available

We are looking for women with a talent for graphic design to join our creative team. Individuals in this role will work closely with our editorial staff to brainstorm and execute designs that maintain the DOP aesthetic as well as compliment the themes of the essays they accompany. A visual guide will be provided to hired designers, and upon request, to applicants.

job description

  • Commitment of 1 year (four issues).
  • Involves approx. 4-5 hours of work over a two week period with each new issue release.
  • Provide layout design for 3-4 articles/issue.
  • Work with Chief Editor to achieve satisfactory results.
  • Provide print-ready .idd files, including all written content, design elements, and photography according to DOP presets as outlined by Chief Editor.


  • Past experience in graphic design with an intermediate to professional skill level
  • Samples of work via online or emailed portfolio
  • Proficiency with Adobe design software - namely InDesign and Photoshop
  • A grasp of the DOP aesthetic (visual guide available on request)
  • Strong work ethic, "can-do" attitude, and commitment to meeting deadlines
  • Basic typography skills
  • Must be a follower of Jesus and in agreement with our statement of faith

staff writer

*no current openings*

Job description

  • Commitment of 1 year (four issues).
  • Involves approx. 4-5 hours of work per month (more or less depending on skill level)
  • Provide one article per issue. Topics will be assigned by our Chief Editor who will work closely with you to select a topic which falls into the issue's theme, your comfort level, and area of passion.
  • Work with a staff copy editor to correct any spelling, grammatical, or structural errors and ready the piece for publication.
  • Comply with the DOP writing guidelines as provided by Chief Editor.
  • Meet deadlines promptly.

Job requirements

  • Excellence in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Willingness to comply with deadlines.
  • Proficient computer skills and access to a word processor.
  • Prior writing experience is preferred.