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Daughters of Promise ministry identifies as “Anabaptist”. What does this mean? Not only a denomination of Christianity, Anabaptism is a worldview. It is a way to interpret the Scriptures, “with a focus on Jesus Christ —on His teachings, His dreams for Humanity, His teachings to us—and putting those teachings into practice in our lifetime.” (Dean Taylor)

Whether you are new to, or have grown up in the Anabaptism community, the following resources will help you gain a better understanding of this movement, its history, and defining values.

Frank Reed, teaching at a recent FOCUS training, with    Kingdom Channels

Frank Reed, teaching at a recent FOCUS training, with Kingdom Channels

Frank Reed: The Biblical Brethren Fellowship blog

This blog is a wealth of information from Frank’s many decades in ministry and in the study of church history. Get started with these posts:

Biblical Anabaptism

A Tale of Three Churches - Beginnings

Biblical Culture - The Anabaptist Vision

Audio Teaching: Church History, Past and Present

Val Yoder: Get in the Way of Evil

This sermon was originally delivered at the REACH conference in 2017.

Anabaptist Perspectives: The Essence of Anabaptism

Anabaptism Perspectives shares weekly podcasts and videos designed to describe and defend biblical elements of contemporary Anabaptist lifestyle and theology while promoting biblical discussions among Anabaptist people about social and cultural issues.

In this episode, Dean Taylor describes the essence of Anabaptism.