Wonders of Our World
Travel guides: Vol. 1

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Wonders of Our World is a special extra to our Spring issue, Wonder, and is a collection of 10 travel guides to various U.S. and International destinations. Each guide was provided by a Daughters of Promise reader who invites us along on a virtual visit to one of her favorite destinations.

Each travel guide highlights attractions, restaurants, coffee shops, and experiences that will allow you to experience these destinations “like a local”.

Volume 1 of Wonders of Our World includes 10 travel guides in 84 pages, printed in the U.S. on matte paper:

  • Montpelier & Stowe VT, by Rae Schrock

  • Cincinnati, OH, by Rebekah Barkman

  • Breckenridge, CO, by Tanya Knepp

  • Santa Fe, NM, by Heidi Mast

  • Roadtrip across North America, by Brenda Schlabach

  • Digby, Nova Scotia, by Monica Brovont

  • Paris, France, by Lorida Burkholder

  • Rome, Italy, by Kristin Keller

  • Dublin, Ireland, by Brianna Hochstetler

  • Southern Ireland, by Rebekah Mui