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Over the years, hundreds of women have shared in Daughters of Promise magazine. We consider it a great privilege to offer a place where women can share their hearts while developing their voices through the creative process.

Each quarter, we accept writing pitches for the upcoming issue. If you want to be notified about writing opportunities, sign up using the form on the left. Otherwise, keep an eye on our social media and website to hear when writing pitches open.

If you are interested in writing for an upcoming issue, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with, and be sure you can support, our mission and values. We welcome article pitches from everyone; however, we prioritize those made by women who are familiar with DOP, supportive of our mission, and embrace conservative Anabaptist values.


Pitches for our Spring, 2020 issue, Clarity, will be accepted from November 6-16. Details about the issue, and instructions for submitting a pitch, will be released here on November 6.

Important note: before submitting a pitch, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with, and be sure you can support, our mission and values.


Make your pitch stand out

We receive many pitches. Help yours stand out by practicing these tips: 

  • Write specifically: broad, expansive topics are not likely to attract our attention. Try to be as specific as possible about the topic on which you would write, and how it relates to the theme of “rest”.

  • Use excellent grammar/spelling/punctuation: If your pitch is sloppily written, it is not likely to be chosen. Show us that you are confident in your writing abilities and use the same excellent spelling and punctuation that you would use when writing your article.

  • Be sure you can meet the project deadlines (listed above). Because of the many moving parts of magazine production, it is imperative that authors be able to turn their drafts in on time.

  • Get creative! Don’t rush to submit your first idea. Take some time to meditate on the theme and see what ideas come to mind. Develop your idea and then formulate it into words.

Writing FAQs

+ What is a "pitch"?

A writing pitch is a brief paragraph describing an article that you would like to write. It should clearly identify the purpose of the article, using specific language and avoiding vague details.

This is an example of a vague pitch: "I would like to write about finding encouragement in hard times." A more specific (and appealing to the editors!) way to write this could be, "Where is God in death? I would like to share the story of losing my mother, and how God led me through the valley of despair and into hope."

+ What are the deadlines?

This varies per issue. However, you will have 4-6 weeks to work on your article. You will be given a first draft deadline, as well as a final draft deadline.

Submission deadlines are firm and late submissions will not be accepted. When submitting your pitch, please keep the deadline in mind and only submit your idea if you are sure you will be able complete the article and turn it in on time.

+ Can I share an article that's already been published somewhere else?

All content must be written by you. We prioritize content that is previously unpublished (even on your personal blog), though exceptions are made in some cases.

+ If my article is printed in DOP, can I publish it elsewhere?

If your submission is selected for print in DOP, we ask that you not republish your article in its entirety until at least 3 months have passed from the issue's release. If, and when, you do, please include a credit line that includes a statement such as: "This article was originally published in Daughters of Promise Magazine". Please include a link to our website: www.daughters-of-promise.org.

If you wish to promote your article before the three months have passed, feel free to share a paragraph or short excerpt to generate interest. Be sure to include a link to the website where people can purchase a copy of the magazine.

As the author, you retain first rights to your article. However, be aware that we reserve the right to republish your article on the DOP blog, newsletter, website, or in other DOP materials. If another organization contacts us requesting to reprint your article, we will contact you for permission.

+ What is the editing process like?

If your article idea is chosen for print, we will pair you with a staff editor who will assist in fine-tuning your piece for publication. In addition, you'll receive a copy of our Writer's Kit, which outlines basic editorial guidelines/FAQs/helpful tips, and a copy of our digital Mini Issue to give you a feel for the content DOP publishes. Our editorial staff works hard to communicate clearly and promptly so that your writing process is smooth and enjoyable!

+ If my pitch is selected, will I get paid to write?

At this time, all of our staff (including our Chief Editor) serve on a volunteer basis. While we are not able to compensate writers monetarily, if your piece is selected for publication, you will receive a credit line in the magazine as well as a print copy of the issue in which you're featured.