love to write?

One of our passions is to provide a platform from which women can develop their voices through creative expression. Therefore, every issue of Daughters of Promise includes space for submissions shared by readers. Each quarter, we will announce the theme of the upcoming issue and give you the opportunity to submit a pitch (a 3-4 sentence overview) for an article you would like to write.  If your article idea is accepted, you will be notified and assigned to a staff editor who will walk with you through the writing and editing process. Writers whose work is included in the print magazine will receive a thank-you copy of the issue once it is printed. 

We are currently not accepting new pitches or article submissions.

the process

  • We will announce opportunities to submit your article idea on this page and our social media platforms. A detailed overview of the upcoming issue's theme, as well as pitch, and writing deadlines, will be given.

  • Are you interested in sharing? We welcome article pitches from everyone; however, special consideration is given to those who are familiar with DOP, supportive of our mission, and embrace conservative Anabaptist values. 

  • Each issue is centered around a theme, and your pitch must relate to that theme for consideration. Out-of-the-box interpretations can be refreshing, but don't stray too far off topic or your idea may be discarded.

  • If your article idea is chosen, it is final and you may not change the topic. Any submissions received that are different from the original idea run the risk of not being included in the magazine.


  • Submission deadlines are firm and late submissions will not be accepted. When submitting your pitch, please keep the deadline in mind and only submit your idea if you are sure you will be able complete the article and turn it in on time. 


  • All content must be written by you and must not have been published elsewhere.


  • You retain the rights to your submission, but DOP reserves the right to promote/publish any article that is submitted to us. Occasionally, articles from the magazine may be republished on the DOP blog, newsletter, website, or other materials.


  • If your submission is selected and published in the magazine, you may not republish your article in its entirety until at least 3 months have passed. If and when you do, please include a credit line that includes a statement such as: "This article was originally published in Daughters of Promise Magazine". Please also include a link to our website:

  • If you wish to promote your article before the six months have passed, feel free to share a paragraph or short excerpt from the article to generate interest and include a link to the website where people can purchase the magazine ( if they'd like to order a copy.

editing process

  • If your article idea is chosen for print, we will pair you with one of our staff editors who will assist in fine-tuning your piece for publication. In addition, you'll receive a copy of our Writer's Kit, which outlines basic editorial guidelines/FAQs/helpful tips; and a copy of our digital Mini Issue to give you a feel for the content DOP publishes.


  • Paid compensation for articles is not available at this time. However, if your piece is selected for publication, you will receive a credit line in the magazine as well as a copy of the print magazine once it is published.

If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration, please review our general submissions policy and writing guidelines.